Unlimited Facility Management

Unlimited Work Orders

Per Location or "Campus"

Team Includes: Three User Groups

1: Administrators

Up to 5 Administrators

Manage & Track Teams
Administrator Interface
Manage Work Orders
Alerts for New Requests
Unlimited Storage of Files
Attach Comments and Photos
Communicate With Technicians
Communicate With Occupants
Define Preventive Maintenance Tasks
Works From PC or Mobile Device
ONUMA iPAD App Access
QR Code Scanning on iPad
Annotation of Schemes on iPad

2: Technicians & Consultants

Unlimited Users

Add New Users on the Fly
Each technician has their own interface
Minimal or No Training Required
Add New Technicians on the Fly
Unlimited Consultants
Unlimited Storage of Files
Field Technician Views Request

3: Occupants / Requestors

Unlimited Users

Add New Users on the Fly
Dead Simple Work Orders: Try it Here
Minimal or No Training Required
Unlimited Requests
Submit From any PC or Mobile Device

One  License for the Entire Team


BIM genie is a software as a service (SaaS) hosted on the ONUMA cloud.
Any new features added to BIM genie become immediately available to all users.
No software installation. 
A typical set up for one location can be 50 people total.
About $5/user/month.
(Since technicians and occupants/requestors are unlimited
the actual amount per user can be much lower).
Each License Includes:
Up to 1,500,000 square feet / 140,000 square meters on a single site / location
Up to 500,000 square feet / 46,000 square meters on multiple sites / locations

Floor plans of buildings can be connected to BIM genie.
The first year license includes Onuma setting up to 3 buildings
with a maximum of 100k total square feet per building or 150k total square feet.
User provides floor plans
Need more building floor plans in BIM genie? Contact us.
Data Synchronized Across Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, and Web Browsers
Hosted on ONUMA BIM Server for Real Time Access
No Software to Install for Web Based Tools
Mobile Enabled
Attach Comments, Photos and Files
Consistent room naming and numbering must be provided along
with a floor plan in CAD, PDF or clean scanned image.
Option to add additional buildings from an Excel list of space names and space numbers. These will be imported to BIM genie to show up on a pull down list and associated with the buildings location on a site plan. Floor plans will not be included for these additional buildings.
California Community College districts with floor plans must match the room numbers to FUSION to align BIM genie with FUSION IDs.
Services Oriented Architecture using SQL, REST, SOAP
Webservices Based API Connections
Open Standards Based Scalable, Modular, Cloud Based System
For California Community Colleges a live link to FUSION Data


ONUMA System

ONUMA System Is Linked to BIM genie
Asset Management
Facility Planning
Portfolio Planning
Links to BIM
ONUMA Platform


Technical Consulting
BIM and FM Implementation
COBie Consulting
Custom Development
Linking to Other Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is BIM genie different from other facility management applications?
A: BIM genie is built on a building information modeling (BIM) platform and bring the benefits of BIM without needing to be BIM experts.
Q: What type of hardware and software is needed?
A:  A mobile device such as smart phone or wifi connected tablet, if wifi is available. Tablet connected to the internet (wifi or minimum 3G). Web browser.
Q: Is a month to month license available for BIM genie?
A: BIM genie is licensed per year.
Q: How difficult is it to learn to use BIM genie?
A: There are three levels of users. Requestors of work orders require minimum or no training, basically open up the request form and fill in a few fields like this. A technician minimum or no training. The administrator requires a bit of training, of about one to two hours (unlike some of the more complex work order systems out there).(╹◡╹)
Q: What is a portfolio in BIM genie?
A: A portfolio is a collection of separate geographical sites, with buildings on each site. BIM genie can handle large portfolios. For example the California Community Colleges is a portfolio of over 100 campus locations and 5,000 buildings throughout the state.
Q: What is a site or campus in BIM genie?
A: A single geographical location with one or more buildings. The BIM genie license is per site or campus in the same location within one square mile. For example a community college district may have multiple campus sites. Each site would require a separate BIM genie license. Buildings that are within one square mile of the main campus would be considered part of the "one" campus. Two additional centers with a maximum of two buildings each can can be included that are more than one mile away.
Q: What is a building in BIM genie?
A: A building is a single contiguous structure with one or more floors.