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Per Month / 1 User
$1 for the First Month

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1 Editor
10 Viewers
ONUMA Adminstrator
Shared Studio
800 Schemes
20 Gb of Storage
Online Help


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For individuals to view schemes
shared by Editors

Inivation from Editors

1 Viewer
Shared Studios
Online Help



Per Month / 5 User
Your Logo and Branded Studio

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5 Editors
100 Viewers
1 Studio Administrator
Your Own Studio
10,000 Schemes
200 Gb of Storage
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Per Month/Yearly Contract
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Unlimited Technicians
Unlimited Work Orders
Up to 5 Adminstrators
Your Own BIMgenie Studio
One Campus for CMMS
200 Gb of Storage
Enhanced Online Help

Additional ONUMA Support required for startup and setup of BIMgenie

Optional Modules

Program & Planning


Links to Planning Data


Equipment Objects
Healthcare, Education, Offices, Transportation and More
Connects Program to Revit
Connects to GIS
Connects to Google Earth
View on Mobile Devices

ONUMA Enterprise


Connect to Your System

100 Users or More

Link your Systems to ONUMA
ONUMA Platform
Link to Your Systems
Option to Run on Your Own Server

ONUMA BIMgenie Points

Use for Training and Support

Available in Packages

Packs of 25-10,000 can be used for training and support.


Projects and Data Synchronized Across Mac, PC, Linux, iOS
Hosted on ONUMA BIM Server for Real Time Access
No Software to Install for ONUMA System Web Based Tools
Import & Export to Excel, Automatically Creates Structured BIM Data
Import and Export BIM in Multiple Formats, Revit Etc.
Import & Export COBie for use in CAFM and CMMS System
Use the ONUMA System as a CAFM, CMMS
Create Room Scheduling
Create 4D Time Based Models
Import and Export KML, BIMXML
Connection to Revit with ONUMA Plug In
Connect to Google Earth by Exporting, Importing and Live Links
Connect to WebService API
View and Edit ONUMA Attributes from NavisWorks with Webservices
View Unlimited Projects Shared by Others.
Services Oriented Architecture using JSON, REST
Open Standards Based Scalable, Modular, Cloud Based System
Link to you own GIS Vector Layers
Link to Space and Equipment Planning
Live Link to California Community Colleges FUSION Data