Building Information Management
The Easy Way

Manage Work Orders in New AND Existing Facilities

Most Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) take a  long time to get the data from construction into the CMMS to be used for daily facility Operations & Maintenance (O&M). In addition, many owners can’t start with a fully developed BIM from a construction model. They often have portfolios with buildings with little digital information and certainly no fully developed BIMs. With the combination of BIM genie and the ONUMA System, start using BIM genie on day one while building up the asset data in your BIM.

Campus, Buildings, Spaces and Equipment

Administrator User Interface to Manage Work Order Teams

Real Time Color Coded Floor Plans and Equipment Linked to Work Orders

Attach Any Type of Document to Plans, Rooms and Equipment

Link to other tools many other

applications through the ONUMA System Server.

Simple + Powerful + Fast

Use Your Data

A list of space names and numbers and a simple floor plan are all you need. Add additional data such as as built plans from CAD or BIM if they are available. 3D data from BIM can also be used.

Load it to The Web

Load your data into the ONUMA System. 

Facility Manager

Facility Manager's view of the work order requests are immediately visible in a web browser.

Web Links

Provide a web link like this:
to submit requests for work orders.
No training required.